Welcome to the Youth Church At Home

Self-care is really important in this time, when we have less structure, are seeing less people and may be worried about what is happening. Here are some tips of how to look after yourself and others around you! If you are feeling low, anxious or just not yourself, talk to someone you trust. And remember, that in it all, God is with you.

  1. Connect – with God through prayer and each other through whatever platforms you use. Keep in touch with family, friends and don’t shut yourself in your bedroom. Your family in your house would like to see you too!
  2. Be active – Try doing some exercise, going for a walk if able to, or doing online workouts at home. Try and get others in your house to join in! Also try to keep a regular sleep pattern, it’s tempting to stay up late, but this will just make you feel more tired, unstructured and grumpy.
  3.  Be present – Take notice of those you’re living with and how they’re feeling. Take notice of how your friends are, but don’t get swept into the fear in anxious conversations and fake news. Take notice of  things outside and breathe! Pray for those you are worried about or that are struggling, don’t take it upon yourself to feel like you are the only one that can help.
  4.  Learn – doing some of the work set from school/college will actually help. You may be glad to be off school for a bit, but your learning is important and will help you to have some more structure in your day. Take time to read books, your bible, listen to podcasts, draw, write, learn something new, ask questions, they will all help. Maybe you can learn a new skill you’ve never had time to.
  5.  Give – You can bring so much joy to those around you, whether those you’re living with or friends or family you can phone that are stuck at home right now. They would love to hear from you! It’s not bad to spend time on your favourite game, catching up with a series on Netflix, or in the Tardis of videos online but if these are the sole things in your life at this time, it will start to have a negative effect, so do try to have a look at some of the things above.


2 Timothy 1:7 New King James Version (NKJV)

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

God has given us a spirit that means we can choose how we act, how we treat others and how we think no matter what is going on around us.

How can you give your fears to God at this time?
What can you do to bring joy to yourself and someone else this week?

Toilet roll shortage life hacks

I really hope it doesn’t come to any of this, but…

Start some family competitions at home!

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