Welcome to the Youth Church At Home

We hope you’ve survived your first week of lockdown. It’s so important in this time to be looking after yourselves and those around you. Be patient and full of forgiveness and grace with yourself and those in your households!

Check out this video from YFC with some really helpful tips for lockdown.

What are you stopping and starting?

Make a ‘lockdown list’ of things you are doing to keep yourself spiritually, mentally and physically healthy as well as entertained and busy whilst at home!

Teaching & Discussion

Have a listen to the message from Craig on the ‘adult’ section of the website below.

This man’s life was completely changed when Jesus restored his sight. He could see clearly those things he had never been able to see at all before!

How has your life been changed by Jesus?
How does knowing Jesus change the way you see things around you?

Extra Watching

Over at St Thomas’ Church in Newcastle the youth have been looking at the same passage as us. So if you want any further video teaching on this then check out their video below.

Keep in touch

This week we are going to have our first group video call. Details will be sent to your parents but this will be on Wednesday afternoon and we’ll chat about what we’re up to, our highs and lows and maybe have a bit of a quiz together too! Looking forward to seeing you then! 

You can also follow us on Instagram @transformwidnesyouth for fun, challenges and to stay in touch.