Welcome to the Youth Church At Home

It was so great to hear how you are all surviving with lockdown so far! Gaming, baking, watching Netflix, talking to friends, playing drums, piano, looking after pets and lots of school work…

Here are some other ideas of what to do during lockdown!


Have a listen to this message below from Craig. I really encourage you to have a think or talk with your family about the questions he asks.


Watch this week’s talk and then have a go of the process Craig was speaking about in the video.

Suggestion: For the discussion parts of this, you could do this by setting up a WhatsApp video call/ Skype/ phone call, or by chatting it through with any members of your family who are with you in your home.

  1. At the start / end of each day bring my ‘if only’ moments to God.
    • Be quiet (find a place that’s distraction-less)
    • Be still (phone or device away for now!)
    • Be prepared to receive ‘life’ from God as you sit there.
    • Consider reading a Psalm like 22 or 88. Just sit with the raw emotion. Jesus knows and he cares.
    • Write down what you think he’s saying.
    • Try this between 2-10 minutes every day (increase the time-limit over the days).
  2. Following that, spend time praying with God into those ‘What if’ moments.
    • What if God transformed that one ‘if only’ moment into ‘what if’?
    • What would that look like?
    • Write down anything that comes to mind.
    • Grab a friend over video call or phone and ask them to pray it with you and for you, or share it with your Connect Group.
    • Again, try between 2-10 mins.

To go deeper this week, check out the Eat This Book Journal to pray and reflect further on this Bible reading and on any you might have missed so far in the series.

Extra Watching

Now I know lots of us love watching silly videos, Dude Perfect are a favourite of mine and they’ve been creating some more content while in isolation. Check out one of their recent Nerf battles here! What fun games can you set up in your house or garden?

Keep in touch

We will see you again on Wednesday for our video chats. Looking forward to seeing what funny videos / interesting facts you’re going to come with!

You can also follow us on Instagram @transformwidnesyouth for fun, challenges and to stay in touch.