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Here are some suggestions of worship, teaching, questions and activities looking at the resurrection of Jesus.

This isn’t something you need to stick to, or complete in order or all at once but it is a plan that hopefully can help you to do church at home and look to Jesus together as a family. If you don’t normally do anything like this, do not worry! Just give it a go and you will be surprised with what your child comes out with. If this is something more familiar to you then go for it and add your own elements too!

Although a difficult time, this could also be an amazing time for you as a family to grow in faith together, to open up conversations and prayer with each other and to be surprised by all that God is doing in your child/children!


Let’s start with everyone worshipping together through singing and dancing with this song to remind ourselves of God’s Awesome Rescue Plan this Easter Sunday.

If you want to learn or remind yourself of the actions then the tutorial with Chip is here.

Before you play the next song, let’s pray a prayer together thanking Jesus for everything he has done for us.

Dear God, thank you for your awesome rescue plan. Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins to rescue me. Thank you for loving me so much and for forgiving me and being my friend. Help me to remember that you have defeated death so I can be with you forever. Give me opportunities to tell others about how they can be your friend too. I love you. Amen.

Picture Jesus right there with you, your friend in everything. Listen to/sing this song thinking about how much he loves you.

Teaching & Questions

Watch this video together. You could look up the Easter story in your child’s bible too or in John 20:1-18 to read together.

In this video we hear Jesus described as the story telling, crowd feeding, life giving, people healing, death beating, fully forgiving, Miracle Man.

  • What words would you use to describe Jesus?
  • How would you describe Jesus to a friend? Could any of these words help you?
  • Tim, Miriam and Simeon all had stories of things they had experienced Jesus doing in their lives, or in the lives of other people. What story could you tell someone about what you have seen Jesus do?
  • Jesus used stories all the time to help people understand who he was. How would you tell the story of Easter to others to help them to understand who Jesus is?

Discussion & Prayer

Have a read through this section and do it at a time you feel is appropriate for you and your child.

Read the bible verses below or in your bible.

Ephesians 1:19-20 International Children’s Bible (ICB)
19 And you will know that God’s power is very great for us who believe. That power is the same as the great strength 20 God used to raise Christ from death and put him at his right side in heaven.

We celebrate today Jesus defeating death, being able to be forgiven for all the wrong things we do and being able to know Jesus as our friend and be with Him forever. How great is that! And as we read in the verse above, did you know that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me and you?

  • What do you think this means?

Before we play a game, let’s spend a little bit of time asking God for more of his power in our lives. We have God’s power through his spirit so let’s ask to know the Holy Spirit more today.

It may help to sit or stand with your eyes closed and hands out, palms lifted up. This helps us to focus on receiving from God and everything he wants to give us.

One of you could pray this prayer below or say your own words to Jesus.
After praying, see if you can spend 30 seconds in silence, letting the Holy Spirit speak to you. If 30 seconds is too much of a challenge, then just try 10!

Dear Jesus, thank you that I can know you. I would like to know you even more. Fill me afresh with the your Spirit. Help me to feel your presence. Come Holy Spirit, we welcome you here.

Ask yourself and your child – Was there anything you felt inside you? Was there anything you thought the Holy Spirit was saying to you? These could be sensations, words, pictures, feelings deep down, something they heard, something they want to say, an idea they have. They may want to share or may not.

Explain that this is something they can do themselves, maybe they want to do it before they go to sleep or when they’re scared or want to feel close to God and hear from him.

Game Time

The tomb was empty!

Find some tomb shaped items in your house, this could be cups, pans, plant pots, empty tubs, you can have lots of different shapes and sizes! Line them up against a wall/fence then they can’t go anywhere and find a small ball. If you don’t have a ball then you could use an orange, a rolled up sock or a screwed up piece of paper.

Create a scoring system for each ‘tomb’. Maybe the small ones could be worth 50 points and the bigger ones 10 points. Decide together which you think would be the easiest or the most difficult to get the ball into.

Mark a line on the floor to stand behind. You can get the adults to stand further away than the children!

Each one of you has 5 shots, to see how many points you can score, by getting the ball into the ‘tomb’. Make sure you keep score and no cheating!


He is Risen!

Find things around your house that you can use to spell out the words ‘He is Risen!’ or you could make a picture of an empty tomb, the cross or of Jesus eating with his disciples with the words above.

Send in your photos!


Let’s finish by celebrating Jesus together with this song.

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