Welcome to the Kids Church At Home

Here are some suggestions of worship, teaching, questions and activities looking at the Road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-34.

This isn’t something you need to stick to, or complete in order or all at once but it is a plan that hopefully can help you to do church at home and look to Jesus together as a family. If you don’t normally do anything like this, do not worry! Just give it a go and you will be surprised with what your child comes out with. If this is something more familiar to you then go for it and add your own elements too!

Although a difficult time, this could also be an amazing time for you as a family to grow in faith together, to open up conversations and prayer with each other and to be surprised by all that God is doing in your child/children!


Let’s start with worshipping together through this song, knowing that Jesus is with us in every move we make.

In this song it says ‘Champion of heaven, you made a way for all to enter in.’
We looked over the Easter weekend at how Jesus has made a way for us all to be with him forever. Let’s continue to thank him for what he has done for us and sing this song.

Picture Jesus right there in your homes with you.


Make Your Own Story

With whoever is in your house, I want you to tell your own story. But instead of one person telling the story, you are going to take it in turns to add one sentence each. You could even use funny voices!

For example:

Person 1 – Once upon a time there was a penguin who lived in a palace.
Person 2 – The penguin wanted to have a party but didn’t know who to invite.
Person 3 – He wasn’t sure if Ally the alligator and Cheryl the chicken would get along.
Person 1 – But he thought, maybe I could have Bertie the bear as security.
Person 2 – …………….

Take as many turns as you like, or if the story gets out of hand you may want to start again!

Did your story make sense?

Teaching & Questions

Now our stories may not have made a lot of sense!
We’re now going to watch a video where we see Jesus explaining the stories in the bible to his followers who were confused and upset about Jesus dying and then his tomb being empty. They couldn’t make sense of it as they didn’t fully understand everything they had been taught about Jesus and what he had come to do.

Watch this video together. You could look it up in your Bibles as well in Luke 24:13-34.

  • When Jesus appear to the people walking along, do you think he already knew why they were sad?
  • Jesus knows how we’re feeling without asking – so why do you think he asked them?
  • Do you think Jesus knew what they had been talking to each other about?
  • Why do you think he asked them about what happened?

We can’t answer all these questions for sure. But what we do know is that Jesus wants us to talk to him about how we are feeling and what is upsetting us. He also wants us to talk to him about things that we don’t understand.

  • Do you think there’s any part of your life that Jesus isn’t interested in?
    Jesus wants us to involve him in every part of our lives, because he loves us and is interested in us and can make a difference in every part of our lives.
  • When Jesus broke the bread, the two suddenly knew who it was with them. Can you think of a time when you knew that Jesus was with you?


Road To Emmaus

It’s time to make our own Road to Emmaus. Think about a journey you might often walk. What do you see? Who do you talk to? What can you hear?

You can draw this road, or you can make it out of Lego or other things in your house.
Now on this road, draw or make yourself, walking with Jesus.

If you are drawing, on one side write the questions you think Jesus might ask you. One the other side, write the questions you’d like to ask Jesus.

If you are making it then you could make speech bubbles out of paper and put them on either side of the road with these questions in.

Share your creations!


Have everyone think of something in their lives where they would like to know and feel that Jesus is there. You can say it or write it down, maybe you have a few! Let’s ask Jesus that we would know him with us in all these things. You can say your own prayer or use the words below.

Dear Jesus, thank you that you are interested in everything in my life. Please help me to know you more especially in/when ……(add what you thought of here)..….

Holy Spirit help me to feel your presence in these times. Thank you Jesus that you care how I am feeling and never leave me. Help me to show that same care to others and tell them about how much you care about them too.



Let’s finish by celebrating Jesus together with this song.

Task For The Week

We’re going to be delivering the Crème Eggs we collected for the Easter Egg Hunt to Care Homes in Widnes for the staff, to show them that they are appreciated.

While doing this, we would like to deliver some cards to the residents who may be feeling lonely or scared, to show them that people are thinking about them and bring a smile to their faces!

The first goal is to make 60 cards. So this is where you come in! Would you be able to spend some time this week making some cards with a rainbow/happy picture on and a bible verse or prayer of encouragement inside.

Below is an example.

Parents – When they are made, if you are able to get to St John’s or St Paul’s on your daily exercise or while out shopping, post them through the letterboxes there and I will collect them. If you’re unable to get to either then get in touch and we will arrange to pick them up.

Don’t worry about them needing to be card or about envelopes. You can use folded up paper if that’s what you have and we will put them in envelopes them before delivering them.

Show us what you've been up to

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