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Today we are starting a new series on Thankfulness. Here are some suggestions of worship, teaching, questions and activities looking at what it means to be content.

This isn’t something you need to stick to, or complete in order or all at once but it is a plan that hopefully can help you to do church at home and look to Jesus together as a family. Feel free to pick the parts that work best for your child, I know different things suit different children and it depends how they’re feeling that day too! If you don’t normally do anything like this, do not worry! Have a read through and start with the parts you are most comfortable with doing. Ultimately you will probably be surprised with what your child comes out with. If this is something more familiar to you then go for it and add your own elements too!

Although a difficult time, this could also be an amazing time for you as a family to grow in faith together, to open up conversations and prayer with each other and to be surprised by all that God is doing in your child/children!


Let’s start with worshipping together through these songs.

Look up Psalm 107:1 in your bible.

It says ‘Give thanks to the Lord for he is good!

His love endures forever.’

Do you thank God regularly for what he has done for you and for everything he has given you?

It says in this song: ‘O Lord, my God, I will give thanks to you forever.’

Have a think through some of the things that you are thankful to God for as you listen to this song. If you want the lyrics alongside to sing along then find them here.

Teaching & Questions

Question before we look at the video:
What does it mean to be content?

Take a look at this video and some people that weren’t all that content.

Questions to talk through together

  • What were the Israelites complaining to Moses about? (I imagine we often complain about this a lot too!) The Israelites were thinking back to when they lived in Egypt and the food they had there. This made them complain because they were comparing what they used to have to what they had now.
  • What do you compare? Do you compare about what you have to what others have? e.g if someone has 2 biscuits and you have one… or if someone has a new game that you don’t have… or they got to go first and you had to go last…
  • Does comparing and complaining make us any happier?
  • Do you think God wants us to compare what we have to others?

It’s hard to be thankful when we’re focusing on what someone else has and what we don’t have. God wants us to live lives of thankfulness. Being content is being happy with what we have and what God has given us. That is going to be different for everyone as God made us all unique!



We see in this video that God provided food for the Israelites every single day. This they called Manna. You can find this in Exodus 16.

In your house, have a game of Pictionary, but it has to be food related. Think about foods you might like God to drop outside your house every day!

Prayer Activity

God has a plan for each of us, he made us the way we are and loves us that way!

This prayer activity is for us all to ask God for help to be content with all the areas of our lives that we might sometimes compare to others.

Draw around your feet and cut out some footprints, you might want about 5-10 footprints! This can be per person or they can be shared between you. Lay the footprints out where you have space to walk along them. You can decorate these footprints or if you want to be really messy you can make paint footprints on paper.

Everyone can walk along their footprints slowly, or take turns walking along them, praying as they go that God would help them to be content with the path he has given them. (They can pray about how they look, the skills they have, the personality they have, and the possessions they have.) It may help to talk about these things first, remember what you answered to things you compare, or to write some of them down on the feet then they can pray for them when they get to that foot. Or they may just want to pray to be content with all areas as they walk along the feet.

Play this song as you all walk along the footsteps.


Let’s finish by celebrating Jesus together with this song.

Cards for Care Home residents

Thank you so much for all the cards you have made for those living in care homes, I will be delivering them soon, so let me know if you’ve still got some or are still planning on making some!

Craft Preparation

Start collecting your toilet and kitchen roll tubes for a craft next week!

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