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Today we are continuing our series on Thankfulness. We’re going to be looking at how being thankful is remembering that God will meet your needs.

Follow this plan as works for your family today. Don’t worry about completing it all but do what works best for you and helps you all to engage in church at home together and come closer to Jesus.

I am praying that church at home is a blessing to you and your family in this time, that it helps you to grow in faith together, pray together and experience more of God’s presence in your homes. Let’s not underestimate everything that God is doing in our family and children’s lives!


Let’s start with a short prayer to focus our hearts and minds and then let’s worship together praising and opening our hearts to God through these songs.

Thank you Jesus that we can meet you wherever we are. I pray that we would know your presence today and as we go through our week. Thank you that you are with us in everything. Amen.

Have a listen to this song or sing along with it.

If you want to just listen to it, then find somewhere comfortable and ask God to speak to you about his love for you and how big that is. If any pictures come to mind, draw them as you listen. It can be quite hard to picture just how big God’s love is, ask him to help you to know it more in this moment.

Teaching & Questions

Take a look at this video and get ready to talk through some questions together.

Questions to talk through together

  • What are some things that you worry about?
  • Is there anything you are worried about right now?
  • Can you think of a time when God has helped you when you were worried?
  • What can you do to remind yourself about how much God cares about you?
  • How might we show and tell others about how much God cares for them too?

There is no end to God’s love, he is always going to take care of you! This might not be how you always want it to be. Just because you want a new bike, or a new game, this doesn’t mean that God will just give it to you. He knows what is best and he gives us good things but also wants us to see what we already have and to be grateful for it. Knowing Jesus as our friend is the best thing we can have, he cares so much about you and will never leave you!

So we’ve looked at what it means to be content, how important it is to remember all the things that God has done for us, remembering to say thank you and now how to remember that God is going to look after us so we don’t need to worry. We have so much to be thankful for!

Psalm 107:1
‘Give thanks to the Lord for he is good!
His love endures forever.’


Have any of you played the game ‘I went to the shop and bought…’?

This is a little like that but we are going to use the sentence ‘I went for a walk and saw that God takes care of ………’ and you fill in the dots!

Person 1 will start with the sentence adding on one thing.
Person 2 will then start with the sentence, saying the one thing that person 1 said and adding their own thing.

>Person 1 – ‘I went for a walk and saw that God takes care of the flowers.
Person 2 – ‘I went for a walk and saw that God takes care of the flowers and the trees.’
Person 3 (or back to person 1) – I went for a walk and saw that God takes care of the flowers, the trees and ………’

See how many times you can go around your family remembering all of the things that God takes care of. Try to get to 15-20 things.


The box of Thankfulness

Even though this week is our last week looking at the topic of thankfulness, it’d be so great to continue being thankful over these next few weeks. It really helps us to focus on the blessings we have rather than the things we don’t have and can’t do currently and thank God for them all!

I have made myself a thankful box to write down something every day this week that I am thankful for and put it in the box.

Today you could make your own family box of thankfulness. This week, each day, maybe before bed or with your evening meal you could write down something you are thankful for, thank God for it and put it in the box. If you wanted to carry this on over the next few weeks then you could see how much you have to be thankful for when you read through them!


Think back to those things you were worried about. Ask God to help you to not worry about these things and to know and see in your life how much he cares for you and will look after you. You can use the prayer below or talk to God I your own words, he loves to hear from you!

Dear God, thank you for caring about us and loving us so much. Please help me to not worry about ……………………. Help me to know more of your love for me and how much you care about me every day. Help me to share that love with others and tell them how much you care about them too. Amen.


Here’s a song to finish Church At Home today with celebrating Jesus and praising his name.

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is a worldwide prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost.

Thy Kingdom Come gives us an exciting opportunity to join with others across the world in prayer and to ask God to be at work in the lives of people who don’t yet know Him. It will be running from 21st – 31st May with different topics each day to grow your faith and guidance on praying for 5 people in your life to come to know Jesus.

This year, there are new digital activities designed to engage children using a free app you can download that works alongside a Family Prayer Adventure Map. We are going to be ordering copies of the adventure map to deliver to you, we just need to know numbers so click the link below if you would like one! The app brings the map to life with a different game or activity each day.

There is also a brilliant family prayer journal aimed at kids that are Primary School age, we are going to be ordering a number of these. It gives different fun activities each day to help children to engage with God through the bible, prayer and worship. Again, click the link below if you would like one for your child and we will deliver it alongside the map and the adult journals.

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