Welcome to the Youth Church At Home

Challenge For The Week

What are you thankful for?

This week I am challenging myself to think of something every day that I am thankful for and write it down. I have made a box to put these notes to collect them together and look back to remember. Especially now it can be easy to think about all the things we can’t do, people we can’t see and places we can’t go. Taking a moment to be thankful helps us to focus on what we do have, rather than what we don’t!

I wonder if you will join the challenge for yourself this week?

To make this into a game each day you could turn each thankful note into a mini paper aeroplane which you need to get into your box from across the room!

If it helps you to focus, you could work on making and decorating your box whilst listening to the talk today.

Spoken Word

Last week we listened to a talk from Steve, looking at when Jesus said in John 14:6 ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’

Here is a spoken word video from a couple of youth workers, looking at this verse and what it means personally for them and others today.


Have a listen to this message below from Craig and have a think about the questions he asks. I saw that he was in a dressing gown, I had to check with him that it wasn’t one of his cardigans, so I’m intrigued as to why!

Song Of The Week

Last week we listened to the song ‘The Blessing’ sung by churches all over the UK. The Blessing was originally written by Elevation Worship and they have produced their own worldwide version of the song. Check it out below! (It is quite long so don’t feel you need to watch it all, but at least get half-way because the kids are the cutest!) I think it is amazing to see churches come together not just in the UK, but worldwide. We’re not just one church in Widnes but we are part of something bigger that God is doing all over the world.

There is also a piano tutorial for this song below. Unfortunately you can’t get the sheet music for free but you can see the first page of it here!


You can find the chords here.


Here is a playlist to check out at home!

Keep in touch

We will see you again this week for our video chats. Keep thinking of games we can be playing!

You can also follow us on Instagram @transformwidnesyouth for fun, challenges and to stay in touch.