Welcome to the Kids Church At Home

Today we are celebrating Jesus’ ascension, when he was taken up to heaven after spending 40 days with his followers after rising from the dead.

Follow this plan as works for your family today. Don’t worry about completing it all but do what works best for you and helps you all to engage in church at home together and come closer to Jesus.

I am praying that church at home is a blessing to you and your family in this time, that it helps you to grow in faith together, pray together and experience more of God’s presence in your homes. Let’s not underestimate everything that God is doing in our family and children’s lives!


Let’s start with a short prayer to focus our hearts and minds and then let’s worship together praising and opening our hearts to God through these songs.

Thank you Jesus that we can meet you wherever we are. I pray that we would know your presence today and as we go through our week. Thank you that you are with us in everything. Amen.


Did you guess my charades from the video?

Now it’s your turn to play ‘What’s my job?’

Think of the different jobs that people do, act a couple out each and try to guess each other’s.

Is there a job that you’d like to do one day?

Teaching & Questions

We’re going to watch a video, where Jesus gives us a very special job. Watch carefully to find out what it is.

Questions to talk through together

The disciples had seen Jesus die on the cross, seen him come back to life, spent another 40 days with him and then saw him taken up into a cloud and into heaven. This was a crazy few weeks for them!

  • How do you think the disciples felt when Jesus got taken up to heaven?
  • What was the job that Jesus gave the disciples? Have a look in your bibles at Mark 16:15 for a reminder.
  • Who in your life has told you about Jesus?
  • Jesus has given us this very special job too. Who would you like to talk to about Jesus?
  • Can you think of different ways that we can tell others about Jesus and how much he loves them?

As we think about the job that Jesus gave us, he didn’t leave us on our own to do it, he is with us every step of the way. He gave us the Holy Spirit to help us, which we are going to be looking at more next week. Jesus goes ahead of us wherever we are, he is already working in people’s lives that we don’t know about yet!

Prayer Activity

We can start with this job straight away by praying for others. Think of 5 people that you can pray for that don’t know Jesus yet. You may already have 5 people written in your Thy Kingdom Come journal!

Find a piece of paper/card and something circular that you can draw around. Draw a circle and then draw a spiral inside it. Write the names of these 5 people on the spiral and then cut it out. You can then attach string to the middle of it and hang it up in your room so when you see it you are reminded to pray!


Here’s a song to finish church at home today, singing to Jesus about how we want to tell the nations about all he has done.

Thy Kingdom Come

We hope you’re enjoying your Thy Kingdom Come resources. If you haven’t received any and still want some, then get in touch and we can deliver them to you. All the details of everything that is happening for Thy Kingdom Come can be found at the link below.

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