Welcome to the Youth Church At Home

Challenge For The Week

If you were to build a church building from scratch:

What would it look like?

What would be in it?

Design your own church building ready to share with us all on Zoom on Thursday. If you don’t have time with all your school work, then don’t worry, we can chat about it instead and share our ideas in person but I would love to see your designs if you get chance!

Just For Fun

This video made me smile! What are you doing or watching in lockdown that brings you joy? Think about 3 things that have made you smile this week!


Have a listen to this message below from Greg and have a think about the questions he asks.

Song Of The Week

As I shared a song last week with some music tutorials alongside it, this week I thought I’d share a song that has a dance tutorial! If any of you want a break and to have a dance in your room then you can check this out. This is taken from the movie ‘Bright Ones’.


Here is a playlist to check out at home!

Keep in touch

We will see you again this week for our video chats. Keep thinking of games we can be playing!

You can also follow us on Instagram @transformwidnesyouth for fun, challenges and to stay in touch.