Welcome to the Kids Church At Home

Today we are continuing to look at the power of the Holy Spirit and his work in and through the believers in Acts and his work through us today.

Follow through the page or choose the parts that work best for you and your child at home today.

I hope you have a great time doing Church At Home together!


Let’s start with a short prayer to focus our hearts and minds and then let’s worship together praising and opening our hearts to God through these songs.

Thank you Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit to live within us. Thank you that we are never alone. Fill us afresh with your spirit today as we worship you. Help us to be your hands and feet in the world. Amen.


You’ll need a dice to play this game. (If you don’t have a dice, Google online dice and you’ll find one you can use on your phone.) This game uses parts of the lame man’s story which we will watch next. Line up with whoever is in your house on one side of a room, or your hallway, or outside if it’s nice. You’ll need a little bit of room to travel. Each take turns rolling the dice and following the instructions for that number below. See who can make it to the other side first!

  1. Lame man – Stay still
  2. Praying – Take 1 lunge forward
  3. Jump – Jump on the spot
  4. Walk – Take 1 step
  5. Leap – Take 1 leap
  6. Praising God – Take 1 jump forwards

Teaching & Questions

Questions to talk through together

This story is from Acts 3:1-16, help your child to find it in their Bibles.

  • Have you ever seen someone you have wanted to help but didn’t know how?

God worked through Peter to heal this man who couldn’t walk, how amazing is that! The Holy Spirit who lives in you can do miracles through you.

  • With God’s power inside of you, who can you help?
  • How might you help them?

There’s lots of different ways God wants to help people through you. It could be praying for someone who is sick, or someone who is sad, or being kind to someone that others aren’t kind to, or encouraging someone and many many others. I am sure you have thought of some brilliant ways!

  • Is there anyone you can help by praying for them right now? It can be someone in your house or someone far away!

(If it helps to visualise God working through us, help your child to think about themselves as God’s drainpipe. God’s power and love flows through us to others around us. As they pray, they could have one hand to heaven and one hand to the world around to help them to think about God working through them.)

Peter was a normal person like you and me. He had even lied and said he didn’t know Jesus when Jesus was arrested. He was scared he’d get arrested too! Even though he had lied, Jesus forgave him and he was filled with the Holy Spirit and became a really brave preacher who told everyone about Jesus.


Look up Acts 3:7-11 in your Bibles.

The man jumped up and was ‘walking, leaping and praising God’

When God does something good in your life do you tell other people or do you keep it quiet?

Make a picture today of lots of different coloured footsteps. As if this man had walked and leapt all over your piece of paper! You could do this with paint, or finger painting, coloured pens, tissue paper or anything that you can use today.

Write around some of the footprints what you would like to walk, leap and praise God for!


Let’s finish Church at Home today with leaping, dancing and praising God together!

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