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Today we are continuing to look at the power of the Holy Spirit and his work in and through the believers in Acts and his work through us today. We’re going to be looking at following what God asks us to do with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Follow through the page or choose the parts that work best for you and your child at home today. You don’t need to have all the answers, just chatting together and asking questions together will build your child’s relationship with Jesus and yours too! If anything comes up that you aren’t sure about and want some help to explain it to your child then get in touch.

Praying, worshipping and opening the bible together is an amazing thing to do as a family and will give you and your child tools to help them now and in the future. You’re doing amazing!

I hope you have a great time today doing Church At Home together!



For this game you need to think about something you can make that you can write instructions for. This could be a drink, a piece of toast, a sandwich or something else you can think of that you could make today. Not something too complicated! Each child needs to write out the instructions to make that item with as much detail as possible. (They might need a bit of help with this, depends how much mess you want).

e.g. Make a drink of squash

  1. Open the cupboard where the cups are.
  2. Take out a cup.
  3. Put the cup on the worktop/table.
  4. Open the cupboard where the squash is.
  5. Pick up a bottle of squash.
  6. Take the lid off the bottle of squash.
  7. Pour 1cm of squash into the cup.
  8. Put the lid back on the bottle.
  9. Put the bottle back in the cupboard.
  10. Close the cupboard.
  11. Pick up the cup with squash in and take it to the sink.
  12. Turn on the cold tap.
  13. Fill the rest of the cup with water until it is 2cm from the top of the cup.
  14. Turn the tap off.
  15. Drink the squash.

When the instructions are written then it is time to give them a go to see if they work! Choose who is reading the instructions and who is following them. The person following them can ONLY do what is said, they cannot add anything else as they go along.

Did the instructions work? Did you make what you were meant to?

How easy was it to follow them?

As we will see in the video below, God sometimes gives us instructions to follow and gives us the Holy Spirit to help us follow them, by speaking to us and through us. Watch the video and see what happens when Philip followed exactly what the Holy Spirit asked him to do.

Teaching & Questions

Questions to talk through together

This story is from Acts 8:26-40, help your child to find it in their bibles.

  • Can you find the instructions of what God asked Philip to do in your bibles? (tip: look at verse 26 and 29)
  • What happened because Philip did what God asked him to do? (tip: look at verse 35 and 38)
  • In what ways can God speak to you?
  • Can you think of a time when you have felt God ask you to do or not do something?
  • Do you think it can be easy or hard to follow what God asks us to do?

Sometimes we might not feel like doing what God asks you to do, or it might seem scary, or it might not make sense to us. If Philip hadn’t done as God had asked him in this story, then the Ethiopian Eunuch may not have met Jesus on that journey.

If you feel that God is asking you to do something it is always important to make sure it fits with who God is. He is loving and he is good. He wouldn’t want you to do something that would hurt you or someone else. Sometimes it can be good to share with a parent what God has said to you and they can pray with you and support you to do it.


The Holy Spirit will always help us to follow God and share his love with others around.

Let’s pray to ask for the Holy Spirit’s help in following God, listening to him and doing what he asks. Find somewhere comfortable where you can sit and close your eyes to help you focus on God in this moment. Try to have 30 seconds – 1 minute of silence at the end of the prayer to listen to God. It might help for an adult to pray the prayer.

Dear God, thank you that you speak to us. Thank you for the instructions you give me to help me live a life for you. I’m sorry for the times I haven’t listened to or followed your instructions. Holy Spirit, help me to hear your voice now and every day. Help me to listen and follow your instructions.


I have made Philip and the Eunuch on the carriage out of different things I’ve found in my house. What do you have in your house that you could make the carriage with?


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