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Today we are continuing to look in the book of Acts and looking at another incredible story of how God works in amazing ways.

Follow through the page or choose the parts that work best for you and your child at home today. You don’t need to have all the answers, just chatting together and asking questions together will build your child’s relationship with Jesus and yours too! If anything comes up that you aren’t sure about and want some help to explain it to your child then get in touch.

Praying, worshipping and opening the bible together is an amazing thing to do as a family and will give you and your child tools to help them now and in the future. You’re doing amazing!

I hope you have a great time today doing Church At Home together!

Send your photos of what you’ve been up to, I’d love to see them and I know others in the church would love to see them too.


Teaching & Questions

If you want to watch more than the bible story, open the video in YouTube to see what the ‘Power Man’ is up to after it!

This story is from Acts 12:6-17.

  • Read this story in your bible or think back to what you have just seen on the video. Can you list all the amazing things that happened?
  • What is your favourite part of the story?
  • Look at Acts 12:5 – What were the church doing while Peter was in prison?
  • What does this tell you about prayer?

Prayer is really important and really makes a difference. God loves to listen to us and to be invited into our lives to help. What happened to Peter was amazing, even Peter didn’t think it was real when it was happening!

  • Is there anything today that you would like to pray for that may seem really big? The church didn’t believe that Peter was really there, that he really had escaped from prison, but God can do more than we can ever imagine!


Peter had to get out of chains, get dressed, get past lots of guards and get through a closed gate before he was walking down the street.

There were lots of obstacles in the way to him getting out of prison but God removed them all.

Make an obstacle course in your house or your garden. Find things you can crawl under, jump over and set exercises or activities along the way e.g. 10 star jumps, throwing a ball in a box, having some floor as lava that you can’t touch. Be imaginative! Time yourself to see if you can beat others in our house or your own time.

If you’re feeling really brave and it is safe you could try the obstacle blindfolded, nominating an ‘angel’ to help you!


What can you use in your house to make ‘Peter in Prison’? You could make a prison out of a box, Lego or even make a prison fort with cushions and sheets.

When you’ve made your prison, use someone or something like a teddy or toy or Lego man for Peter and help him to walk out of the prison you made. Think back to the story and how incredible it is that Peter walked past all the guards and straight out of a locked gate with the angel leading him.


The church were praying for Peter while he was in prison. Even though they couldn’t be with him they could make a difference with their prayers.

Is there anyone you might not be able to be with right now that you can pray for?

Maybe it’s a family member, a friend, a teacher at school or someone else. You could pray for them to know that God is with them and for him to help them with whatever they need help with.


Thinking about this story today and how so many would say it was impossible for Peter to escape that prison, we even saw how Peter and his friends didn’t believe it was true! But we know that nothing is impossible with God. Let’s sing and dance in worship together and remember this.

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