Welcome to the Youth Church At Home

Hi everyone! Missed seeing you all this week. We will be back with another Zoom call this next week.

There are a few different things below that I hope you will find of interest or be helpful to you. If there is anything particular you’d like to know more about or look at in future weeks then let me know.


With your family play the Song Association Game. We can play this on Zoom too!

Use the video and when it shows a word, see who is the quickest to sing a song with that word in. The video gives you 10 seconds before showing you some example answers.

Song Of The Week

A song from Elevation Rhythm. You could learn the dance to the chorus or steal some moves from this.

What is your greatest need?

What are you missing? What do you feel you need right now?

Lockdown Lessons

Take a look at Penny’s message in ‘Lockdown Lessons’.


Here is a playlist to check out at home!

Keep in touch

We will see you again this week for our video chats. Keep thinking of games we can be playing!

You can also follow us on Instagram @transformwidnesyouth for fun, challenges and to stay in touch.